Feb 12, 2024

New CSAT chart and a new way to manage your environments

Hello Toldies, today is a day of a new release. Here are some improvements, new features, and bug fixes for the beginning of the year. I hope you will enjoy it.

New CSAT Chart

We now calculate CSAT. When you add a rating question, please tell us if you want to calculate a CSAT, and you will see a new CSAT chart in your report. This feature aims to make data more accessible and understandable for everyone in your team. CSAT is something well-known by teams and recognizable. It’s now easier to share ;-)

Tag your sources

To remind you, a “source” is the source of feedback. It can be your website, saas, app… As many of you want to test Told in “staging,” “pre-production,” and “local,” we give you the opportunity to tag your source for a better visual organization. It is simple, but sometimes, it can help everyone on the team to have a clearer view.


Change the survey language with hidden fields

Imagine displaying surveys in the correct language based on your product's user language preference. Well, now you can. Provide us with a small code indicating the user's language, and we will display the survey in the correct language.

Bug fixes

Add an overlay, behind the Told survey

We fixed a problem we had in the customization section. When added the overlay, we had some issues in the front-end experience. Now everything works well 🙂