Android phone with in-app inquiry Told
Android phone with in-app inquiry Told

Mar 4, 2024

Told Android SDK

Hello 👋
It’s Nicolas, from the told developpers team.

The day is arrived… Android version is OUT ! Let's find out what the update brings. After deploying the Android SDK is now on Maven Central.

You can now request in-app feedback easily, thanks to these 4 steps ⬇️

1. Create an Android source

The first step is to create an Android mobile source. You can choose this option when you create a new data source.

2. Install the SDK

Then you can easily install our SDK, which is available on Maven Central, the largest Android repository. Just add the dependency and 4 lines of code.

3. Set up your survey

Configure your survey, choose from our 8 question types and customize it to your image.

4. Define the trigger

Don't overload your developers with no-code trigger definitions. In the case of an NPS survey, you can choose to display your survey on such and such an Activity, every 3 months for example.

Is that all ?

Yes. All you have to do is publish your survey ! Your users now see your survey in your application and can give you valuable feedback to boost your business and improve your product.

Question ? Feedback ? See the documentation

Thanks for your support and we hope you like the update !

Nicolas, front-end developer at Told.