Apr 4, 2024

Told is now available in emails !

The Told team is pleased to announce that you can now conduct email surveys with our tool! 🥳

You can set up and deploy Told to collect your metrics data directly in an email in just a few clicks. It works with major email clients like Brevo, Mailchimp or Customer.io (and many others).

Start by creating your told, adding your questions and copying and pasting the code snippet provided by Told into your email tool. Don't forget to publish your survey - it's that simple!

With this new feature you can :

  • Create an email survey (And keep the user's response when you redirect them to the rest of the survey.)

  • Start a response funnel directly from emails

  • As with other Told formats, you can easily view your data in your own interface. 🤟

How to use this feature ?

To help you along, check out our CEO Jon's step-by-step video !

You just need to click on "watch video" button and play the video. You can also discover the feature through the dedicated page :) !

Thank you for trusting us and see you soon,

Nico from the Told team.