translate survey with AI
translate survey with AI

Dec 13, 2023

Translate your surveys in two clicks thanks to AI

You loved the feature that lets you translate your survey into several languages in no-code. With this update, we're going one step further, and introducing AI, which will enable you to automatically translate your survey in a matter of seconds.

Automatic generation of the Net Promoter Score question

We noticed that a lot of you were using the Net Promoter Score question, and that you were wasting time each time copying and pasting your question. From now on, when you add an NPS question to your survey, it will already be filled in with the question.

Improved hiddens fields to make them even more hidden

Before, when you send a survey via a link with hiddens fields, the respondent can access them in the URL. From now on, hiddens fields are automatically removed from the URL and therefore not visible.