Nov 3, 2023

October update - A survey like no other

All survey tools are alike, and with this October update, we've made Told unique. We know how tedious it can be to complete a survey, so we've done our utmost to make the experience as fluid, pleasant and fun as ever on a survey.

The widget adapts to the content of your questions

Thanks to resize according to question content, told occupies the space perfectly. The animation between the question sizes adds movement and immerses the respondent in a living experience.

If you use an image or gif on your survey, it remains fixed so that it is always visible.

Each animation has been reworked in detail

By reworking the animation of the widget's appearance and the animation between question changes, we've made the response experience much smoother.

The respondent has the impression of answering faster, and so your response rate improves considerably.

As you can see, Told is even more powerful, more fluid and more stylish than before. Designed for those with a design sensibility, Told doesn't destroy your product's image, it enhances it.

Navigate quickly and efficiently through the survey creation interface

The whole browsing experience has been redesigned so that you spend as little time as possible setting up your survey.

Before, our sidebar was overloaded, and navigation between the different pages was hazardous. Now you can look up and see everything at the top, thanks to a fixed navigation.

Follow the steps in order: Build, Customize, configure, publish and analyse!

Create your survey from a template

Now when you want to create a survey, we automatically offer you to choose a template or start from scratch. We've redesigned the template page and added categories to it.

Minor corrections

  • Add a section to your dashboard to invite your collaborators more easily

  • On the survey, temporary gradient suppression

  • On the survey, deletion of the progress bar when there is only one question

  • When your survey is launched, you will always arrive on the report

  • Corrected visual bugs on filters in the report