Feb 16, 2023

Making popup survey configuration experience much simpler

Hi everyone, we are very proud to release the version 6.0.0 of our product, Told. This iteration includes new exciting features around our in-app survey product and some major changes regarding your files and folders that you may want to be aware of. We really hope you are going to like it!

The classic survey and in-app survey apps are now separated.

We realized over time building new features specifically dedicated to our in-app survey that this was impeding the experience of both users who came on Told to build classic survey as well as those who wanted to solely use the in-app part. So we decided to split them. Now you will be asked to choose between one of our two products when you create a new file. We believe this will have a positive impact on your overall experience and navigation on Told.

Define when to launch your in-app survey, who to target and for how long.

Setting-up the Told in-app survey has become much more advanced and much simpler with this update as we introduce our no-code trigger experience. You will now be able to decide on which page, after which action and for which user profile you want your widget to launch. And the best part of it is that it does not require any technical skills.

Install the in-app survey at the folder level instead of in every files you create.

We observed that having to install the in-app survey on a website or platform any time you had to create a new file in Told was quite time consuming for our users. That’s why we’ve decided to transfer the installation at the folder level so that any file you will further create in this folder will be directly connected to the domain you entered, making things much simpler to track and manage.

Files can no longer be created at the root. Only in folders.

Since we decided to move the in-app survey installation experience to the folder level, it did not make sense to us that our users could create an in-app survey at the root while it could no longer be connected to any website or product domain without belonging to a folder. To prevent this scenario from happening, files can now only be created within folders. However, please know that you can still use the classic survey without having to connect any of your website or product with Told.

Note: For those who use to have files stored at the root, we made sure that a folder would be automatically created after this update to contain each of them.

And some other minor changes.

  • The in-app survey has been updated with our new Told branding.

  • The “preview” and “hidden fields” parameters have been added into the “init function” of the in-app survey.