Mar 29, 2022

Making surveys that speak every languages

Hello everyone, the new version 6.1.0 of Told is now available to everyone. It emphasizes on multi-language, which we hope will provide you with a faster and less confusing way to manage interactions with your audience around the world. Like usual, we are very much looking forward to receive your feedback. :)

Add and edit several languages in the same in-app survey file.

The multiple language feature introduces a new and much simpler way for brands to communicate to their international audience. Each in-app survey file can now be filled with as many languages as you wish. We believe this will deliver important value to product and marketing teams looking for greater alignment and speed of execution in their communication workflow with their audience.

Filter results according to your audience’s browser language.

Since you can now connect with users across multiple countries with a simple Told in-app survey, we thought it was equally important to provide you with a powerful way to analyse and segment the added cultural value from responses you may capture. We designed the language filter in the hope to help you better organize your users’ feedback according to their location on the globe.