10 proven strategies to improve your NPS score

Discover 10 strategies to boost your NPS score and foster customer loyalty. Elevate satisfaction and drive sustainable growth for your business.

Discover 10 strategies to boost your NPS score and foster customer loyalty. Elevate satisfaction and drive sustainable growth for your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Maria Correa

6 mars 2024

When discussing the crucial subject of customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS) emerges as an exceptional tool for accurately quantifying it. The NPS serves as a metric that provides insight into your customers' overall perception of your business. In essence, it provides you with a clear visibility of your promoters - those who are likely to recommend your products or services to others, and your detractors - those who are less likely to support your business.

This vital information, taken from the NPS, is the foundation to build your general strategy to elevate your customer loyalty. The answer to the NPS survey is indicative of brand growth through customer retention and recommendation of your brand to others. Thus not only serves as a measure in terms of customer loyalty but also works as a roadmap guiding you towards improved customer experience.

Boost Customer Satisfaction: 10 Strategies for Success

Saying this, here is our compilation of strategies that you can start now to improve the satisfaction rates of your customers and why not, improve your product or service as well.

  1. Deliver stellar customer service:
    Exceptional service creates happy customers. Ensure your team is responsive, empathetic, and ready to go the extra mile. Also, remember that the customer service does not end with the purchase.

  2. Quality is key:
    Make sure your product or service is innovative and has good quality. Try to address any issues quickly to reduce detractors and increase promoters.

  3. Act on customer feedback:
    Use in-app surveys to ask for additional feedback in all the user life
    circles. Be strategic in defining where exactly and what to ask in order to improve and follow through on this valuable input.

  4. Personalize the customer experience:
    Design your interactions based on customer preferences and feedback to make each customer feel special. 10 points!

  5. Educate your customers:
    Provide helpful resources that make it easier for customers to get the most out of your product or service. You can think about a FAQ section, interactive content like videos, or a step-by-step guide to improve your customer experience.

  6. Build a community around your brand:
    Take advantage of social media and engage with your customers. You can also look for forums, events, and other platforms to foster loyalty and advocacy. Also take into account that social media is a great channel for customer support. 

  7. Offer incentives for referrals:
    Marketing tip! Encourage happy customers to spread the word by offering referral bonuses or rewards.

  8. Stay consistent in your service and quality:
    Ensure every customer touchpoint consistently reflects your brand’s high standards, and this is coming with a good branding knowledge. Be sure all your teams know very well your mission, vision, possibilities, rewards programs and everything they should know to offer an excellent customer services.

  9. Empower your employees:
    This strategy is connected with the last one. Engaged employees lead to satisfied customers. Invest in training and create a positive work environment.

  10. Monitor and share your progress:
    Remember, nothing exists if it is not measurable. Regularly review your NPS results with your team, celebrate improvements, and set goals to keep improving.

What questions should you ask in an NPS?

When doing NPS remember to Keep your survey short and centered on the critical question: How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague? One question is all you need to determine your Net Promoter Score—and it’s easy to calculate. Check how to calculate it and what is your score depend on your industry

We always recommend to complement your NPS question with an open question to understand the why of their rates. For example, don’t hesitate to ask also What motivates you to recommend us to others? Or, what could we do to improve your experience? And even ask for missing things, sometimes you are so involve in your product development that you can miss some important features that your customers could be missing. So you can ask, was anything missing from your experience? Or Which features do you use the most? 

There are many ways to complement a Net Promoter Score question, you just need to thing about what exactly you want to know, what exactly you need to improve and then start to be creative. Just remember not to overwhelm your customer because then they won’t like to answer any questions.

Finally, Net Promoter Score is not just about collecting a score; it's about understanding the reasons behind the score, which can guide your efforts to convert Passives into Promoters and address the concerns of Detractors. This is your way to ensure you get the most accurate measure of customer loyalty. 

In Conclusion

Show customer you care by improving your Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is all about creating happy and loyal customers who become your brand ambassadors. Focus on delivering value and build strong relationships, with these strategies, you'll see your NPS improve and also drive sustainable growth for your business.

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